About us and our Akc German Shepherd, we added Yorkshire Terriers to our Family..

I am a small Hobbyist German Shepherd Breeder on a small Country Farm in Delaware since 1998.
My Dogs and I have participated in Schutzhund Training and shown in German confirmation. I breed for sound mind and body's, good temperament and nerves, as well as work-ability and train-ability. I breed 100% German Bloodlines however have breed some German-American litters with health testing done. I strive to raise pups that you will be proud to add to your Family without the price of Importing....
We are leading the path in animal health improvement by specializing in DNA health testing and OFA Certifications. We pride ourselves on providing accurate results and focus on improving the breed, to help ensure the longevity of our breeders and their offspring, not only with our German Shepherds but also with our Yorkshire Terrier's. :)